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Condo Insurance in Nebraska

Condo Insurance

We take obtaining condo insurance seriously here at Ed Thompson Insurance Agency in Omaha, NE. You are the perfect candidate for condo insurance if you are looking to protect your personal property, as well as any liability you may have. Improvements, alterations, and others will also remain protected under condo insurance. By having condo insurance, you will gain protection against things within your unit that are your responsibility.

Is condo insurance required in Nebraska?

Various mortgage companies are now making it a requirement for condo owners to obtain HO6 insurance policies if they purchase a condo in Nebraska. It does not matter where you live in the state; if you own a condo, you must purchase an insurance policy.

Condo Insurance Coverage Options

You can count on your personal property remaining protected at all times when you obtain condo insurance. You are in charge of how much coverage you elect to have. You might want to consider taking advantage of full value personal property coverage if you are looking for reimbursement if you were to suffer a loss within your condo. This policy guarantees reimbursement of the full replacement value of your loss with no means for depreciation.

You will also need to make sure that you look into your HOA agreement to make sure you are aware of what their policy covers, so you know what you are responsible for. This is especially true for those owners who have upgraded their kitchen cabinets and floors.

You can also take advantage of limits of loss assessment coverage and both bodily injury and property damage coverage options. Medical payment coverage is also available for condo owners in the event a visitor gets injured while they are at your residence.

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