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Flood Insurance in Nebraska

You may wonder if you'll have flood insurance automatically when you set up a home insurance policy. The simple answer is that standard homeowners’ insurance doesn't provide coverage for flooding. This means that you have to pay out of pocket if your property becomes damaged and you have to repair or replace parts of the house or your belongings.

Fortunately, you have access to other options in the state of Nebraska. You can set up an actual flood insurance policy with an agency such as the Ed Thompson Insurance Agency of the greater Omaha, NE area.

Flood Insurance from a Reputable Company

There already is a safeguard in place at the national level for homeowners when it comes to flooding and the damage that results. This is through the National Flood Insurance Program that was created by Congress in 1968. Currently, 409 communities in Nebraska participate in this program. If you live in a high-risk flood zone, it's especially crucial that you can take advantage of this.

You'll have to go through an insurance agency to get your policy even if it's from the National Flood Insurance Program. Keep in mind that this only will be an option for you if you live in a participating community. There are some questions you should ask and go over specific details regarding your property and situation so that you can get the best possible coverage. This includes questions about how the risk level of the area in which you live, the different coverage amounts that are available, and how you can make any changes to your policy.

At Ed Thompson Insurance Agency, we're pleased to assist new and returning clients with their flood insurance inquiries and more. For instance, you can get a free quote using the online tool for your home or auto insurance. If you're interested in other types of policies and you're near Omaha, NE, call our office or stop by to talk to an agent.

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