Common Risks Small Businesses Face

Business owners face risks every day in Omaha, NE. Though these risks are not the same as homeowners face, they are still risks that require insurance protection. In addition, some risks business owners face are more significant than others and need different kinds of insurance coverage. After reading this, give us a call at Ed Thompson Insurance Agency for help answering all of your business insurance questions. 

Below are common risks business owners face: 

Liability Risk

Regardless of the type of business, all businesses face a liability risk. Common liability risks include bodily injury, physical damage, and failure to meet contractual obligations. A general liability insurance policy protects you and your employees whenever conducting business for accident-related damages your company is liable to cover. 

Property Risk

All businesses face property risks. Having adequate commercial property insurance protects you against accidents, hazards, and natural disasters that could impact your inventory, equipment, and physical property. 

Commercial Auto Risk

Auto use related to your business includes taking employees out to lunch, making a delivery, or traveling to a meeting. Commercial auto insurance protects your business when a personal or company vehicle is used for any business-related purposes. 

Business Interruption Risk

Unexpected events, such as a fire or natural disaster, could force a business to close. The closure presents a risk of lost revenue, negatively impacting business operations. Business interruption insurance covers the company should it be forced to close, including all fixed expenses, relocation costs, and lost revenue. 

Cyber and Data Risk

Cyber threats and data breaches are rising and becoming increasingly common. As more of our business is conducted online, we have a greater need to protect ourselves from these threats. Cyber liability insurance covers your business against these threats by providing legal coverage, notification costs, and providing system disruption coverage. 

Omaha, NE business owners need to ensure they are protected from all possible risks. Call the experts at Ed Thompson Insurance Agency today for additional information about potential business risks and how to keep yourself and your company protected.