Preparing your home for an emergency

Emergencies happen, and they can be very disruptive. Being prepared is the best thing you can do to make sure that if an emergency happens, you are not caught off guard. At Ed Thompson Insurance Agency in Omaha, NE, we know that having the right home insurance is one of the important ways you can be prepared for an emergency.

Nebraska has on average 50–60 tornados every year. Preparing for a tornado means that having a storm cellar or a designated safe place is important. If a storm cellar isn’t possible, then find a place in your home where the family can hunker down in the event of a tornado. This should be a room with no windows if possible on the lowest level of your home. 

Make sure that trees in your yard are well trimmed and that any outdoor furniture is secured or placed in a garage or shed. You want to avoid leaving things out that can turn into debris. 

Make a home inventory so that if your home is hit by a covered hazard, you will be able to submit a claim quickly and easily. Place important documents, medication, and anything that needs to be safe into a to-go bag that can be grabbed and taken with you if you must leave or go into your safe place. Make sure you have copies on the cloud of prescriptions and important documents.

Having a generator can help in the aftermath by providing you with the electricity that you require to run your refrigerator, keep cool or warm, and charge your electronics. 

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