How Home Renovations Impact Your Home Insurance

Remodeling your family home can be exciting! Before making any major upgrades, however, it would be good to contact your agent from Ed Thompson Insurance Agency in Omaha, NE to see how your planned renovations could impact your insurance coverage. We’ll review your policy with you and discuss any necessary changes to ensure your property continues to enjoy full coverage.

How Home Remodeling Projects Affect Your Insurance

Minor home improvements such as new living room carpeting or repainting your bedrooms probably won’t have much impact on your insurance. Structural improvements to your home, such as adding a new bathroom or remodeling your kitchen, however, can dramatically increase your home’s value. To compensate, you may need to increase your dwelling coverage to adequately cover the new value of your property.

Here are some additional ways home renovations can impact your home insurance:

  • Home improvements that enhance safety, such as upgrading your electrical or plumbing system or adding a new security system to your property could help lower home insurance costs.
  • Adding amenities like a new pool, spa, home gym, or outdoor grilling area for parties can increase your risk of accidents. To compensate, we may recommend increasing your liability coverage to protect you against accidental injuries when hosting special events on your property.
  • Getting a new roof or replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient ones can boost your home’s value as well as improve the safety and security of your property. By discussing these options with your insurer in advance, you’ll have a better idea of how these improvements will impact your insurance coverage.

Renovating Your Home? Update Your Home Insurance!

At Ed Thompson Insurance Agency in Omaha, NE, we can update your home policy to ensure your renovated home is fully protected against any eventuality. Contact us today for all your home insurance needs.