Auto insurance add-ons to consider

At Ed Thompson Insurance Agency in Omaha, NE, we take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously. We are independent insurance agents and work for our customers, not for the insurance carriers. This allows us to provide more choices and more opportunities to get the best possible insurance at a great price. 

A basic auto insurance policy is liability coverage that protects other people from you. Most add-ons are about you and your vehicle. 


Collision coverage pays to repair or replace your vehicle if you are in an accident and are deemed the responsible party. If you lease a vehicle or have a car loan, you will need this coverage. 


Comprehensive coverage covers your vehicle for a wide variety of hazards. One of the main ones is theft. It also covers you for vandalism, collision with a large animal, and other events that are out of your control. It covers glass, but there is a deductible. 

Full glass coverage

Full glass coverage replaces cracked or damaged glass without having to pay a deductible. 

Gap Coverage

Gap coverage is an important add-on if you have a relatively new vehicle and an auto loan. It pays the difference between what you still owe on your vehicle and the amount the insurance company pays you. 

Roadside service

Roadside service provides care if you have mechanical problems with your vehicle. It can provide a jump start, replace a flat tire, or tow you to a service station. 

Rental car

Rental car coverage is not for a car you rent for vacation but rather a rental car that you need when your vehicle has been damaged or totaled. It will allow you to have something to drive for a few days or weeks. 

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