Are You Required to Maintain Home Insurance After Your Home is Paid For?

Residents of Omaha, NE can count on Ed Thompson’s Agency when it comes to securing their household cost-effectively. To us, trustworthiness, honesty, and fairness mean everything in a business. Consequently, we strive to make our clients feel we give them the most reliable and trusted services customized to meet all insurance-related problems.

We provide individual insurance packages for different types of businesses and for local market requirements, based on years of experience specific to the industry and on our extensive market knowledge, which is the guarantee for the protection of your home. Put your burdens aside and sleep easily, knowing that your valued property is in the hands of the Ed Thompson Insurance Agency, which specializes in customized service and quality coverage.

Home Insurance Protection 

According to the practices of most mortgage lenders and, usually, good financial sense, it is wise to maintain home insurance even after you have completely paid off your home. Even though the law does not require you to have insurance coverage when you are done paying off your mortgage, it certainly does make sense to protect such a valuable asset with a good insurance policy.

By partnering with top insurance providers like Ed Thompson Insurance Agency in Omaha, NE, homeowners can create a safety net that will cover their investment in unwanted events like natural disasters, property damage, and liability claims. Home insurance also offers other features, including safety, security, and financial protection when theft, accidents, or lawsuits happen. 

Therefore, when you become a homeowner, having quality home insurance coverage by a company like Ed Thompson Insurance Agency is a means of actively protecting your property and well-being.

Get Quality Insurance Coverage Today

With the assistance of Ed Thompson Insurance Agency’s team right here in Omaha, NE, you will rest assured that you have the best home insurance coverage. We possess a highly trained and competent workforce, and we understand the importance of keeping your house and property safe from theft or damage. We are committed to meeting your individual specifications with our tailored security solutions. We strive for total security and the ability to defend and safeguard all of our valuable assets. Please take advantage of our Ed Thompson Insurance Agency personnel for first-rate house insurance coverage that you can rely on to protect your property.