Common Home Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

When buying a new home, it’s vitally important to find an insurance policy that keeps you protected. At Ed Thompson Insurance Agency, we can make this process easier for Omaha, NE homeowners and ensure things go smoothly for you.

Here are a few mistakes that you need to avoid:

Not Getting Flood Insurance

Do you think that your home insurance policy automatically covers every disaster that could impact your home? It’s a common misconception and a potentially costly one. If a flood hits your home and you don’t have an insurance policy for it, you won’t be covered and will lose a lot of cash. 

Avoiding Sewer Backup Coverage

It’s a situation that has suddenly and tragically impacted many people: a sewer backup problem. If your home experiences one without proper insurance, get ready to pay for all the damage that it causes to your house. Just pay the extra bit to get this protection for your home.

Forgetting to Notify Your Agent

Did something big happen in your life, such as a new child, getting married, or even building a new addition to your house? You need to let your agent know! Failing to do so could result in a serious legal and financial problem and is something you definitely don’t deserve to experience.

Keeping Minimum Liability 

We understand that it’s tempting to keep a minimum liability to reduce your insurance costs. It’s a common mistake that many people make because they don’t think anything will ever happen to them. But when it finally does, you’ll be in a serious situation if your policy protection runs out.

Get Help Today

Contact us at Ed Thompson Insurance Agency to get the help that you need to buy homeowner’s insurance that suits you. When you call us for your Omaha, NE home, you’ll talk with an agent who understands your coverage needs and who can provide the help needed to overcome any potential issues.