Roof and Hail Damage: Is Your Home Insurance Policy Good Enough?

Hail is one of the most common severe storm problems globally and may require you to get high-quality help from insurance experts. At Ed Thompson Insurance Agency, we can help Omaha, NE residents understand their coverage options and help to minimize their risk of severe loss. 

Are You Covered From Hail?

Most home insurance policies have what is known as dwelling protection coverage to help against the potential dangers of hail, windstorms, and much more. This factor is essential because hail accounts for nearly three-quarters of all home losses caused by severe storms every year. 

What will your policy help you pay? Typically, it helps to handle things like rebuilding the home’s physical structures, repairing anything damaged on the house (like your roof), and may help to cover other areas of the roof affected by the hail, such as air conditioning systems and more. When filing a claim for hail damage, follow these steps:

  • Note the date of the hail storm 
  • Please take photos of the damage to make it clearer 
  • Pay attention to every element of your paperwork 
  • Have your agent look over your claim first 

Follow these steps, and you should have little difficulty getting the money you need after a severe hail storm. Make sure, though, that you check your policy before a storm occurs. If you find that you don’t have any protection, you need to upgrade your insurance right away to avoid severe financial loss. 

Get the Help That You Need Today 

If you find that you’ve been having a lot of hail storms, and you want to protect your roof and your home, please contact us at Ed Thompson Insurance Agency right away to learn more. We serve the Omaha, NE, area and will give you the help needed to decrease your risk of severe roofing damage.